They are recommended for those women who cannot identify the fertile days from cervical mucus analysis. Choose the best ovulation kit.

There are two main types of tests: those that check for the LH hormone and those that check for both the LH hormone and estradiol. So let’s see in detail the Canadian ovulation tests, the person tests, and the Clearblue tests which are the most common ones.

Canadian ovulation test and LH test

These ovulation tests work by identifying the peak of the hormone LH, the hormone responsible for the release of the egg cell from the ovarian follicle (i.e. the moment of ovulation).

It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and avoid using the test in the same way as a pregnancy test. Remember, a clearer hormone line than the control line is not a positive result.

The result is positive if and only if the second line is the same or darker in color than the control line.

Similarly, it is not recommended to use the first morning urine (unless the manufacturer specifies), as is usually done with pregnancy tests. In fact, the LH hormone begins to be produced in the body early in the morning and becomes detectable in the urine a few hours later. Therefore, the best time to take ovulation tests is around lunchtime or around 2 in the afternoon.

Many women use Femometer ovulation tests combined with an app that reads the two lines. The functioning of these tests is identical to the Canadian tests, in that they read the LH hormone.

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