Knee pains always create concerns for athletes. Probably, there are no injuries that cause more problems than those that occur in this area. Even mild pain can force us to stop training and, if we wanted to continue, there is a high probability of making the situation worse.

The problems with the meniscus and other parts of the knee often require a surgical procedure. Recovery times are long and we usually have to wait at least six months before resuming physical activity. Fortunately, when you suffer from a moderate disorder, there are sports that we can continue to practice.

Swimming: the ideal choice when we have knee pains

When we swim our knees stop supporting the weight of the body. The swimming does not require the vertical postures, and then, the lower ends they relax because they no longer perform the function of support.

Water is the ideal place to relieve tendon and ligament pain. When we are underwater, the body relaxes by releasing all tensions.

You may not have noticed, but many of the physiotherapy sessions cure injuries through exercises that are performed in the pool. Besides this, we all know that swimming is a complete sport.

To put it briefly, we can strengthen and tone the body without damaging the extremities. Surely this sport allows you to continue to train even during rehabilitation.

Cycling is another possibility

Even if the lower extremities are affected, it is possible to ride a bicycle when you have knee pain. In this type of sport, efforts are concentrated mainly on the quadriceps and twins. If we really want to be honest, this sport can be useful because it strengthens the knees.

Obviously, before starting, you need to consult a doctor who will tell us if we can practice this type of sport. If the diagnosis is negative, it is highly recommended not to ride a bike or participate in competitions. The excessive effort required by these events and the chances of falling could complicate your clinical situation.

However, going straight and without holes could be useful. In these cases, by keeping the bike saddle high, you will completely eliminate the impact on the meniscuses and ligaments.

Weight lifting is not totally contraindicated in case of knee pain

Weight lifting can be an option when knee disorders are mild because, in general, most movements are performed in a controlled manner. Absolutely the activities to avoid are the race and the jump.

Most routines and exercises involving the torso and arms can be performed without particular limitations. Some doctors also recommend exercising the legs with low impact exercises. If the movement is controlled, no problems should arise.

Pilates is a low impact and serves to strengthen

The philosophy of Pilates is clear: to strengthen and improve flexibility from within. Following this logic, one works on posture and stretching muscles without using too much force. As for swimming, this discipline is recommended for the rehabilitation of different types of injuries.

Obviously, it is important to perform these types of exercises under the supervision of an experienced instructor. The advantage of pilates is that the positions can be adapted to the physical condition of the practitioner. This type of exercise trains balance improves posture and allows the muscles to stretch properly.

Walking: a natural movement to avoid pain in the knees

Walking is a natural movement. Often, after a knee operation, we can’t even get out of bed. But if we only have light pains, nothing prevents us from going for a walk.

Surely, walking has some impact on the knees, but if the movements are controlled, regular and low intensity, there should be no problems. In any case, avoid walking on roads that are too steep or if you are experiencing serious disturbances.

What sports should we avoid when we have knee pains?

Basketball, soccer, baseball, and athletics should definitely be avoided. If we have pain in our knees, practicing these sports only has disadvantages. The type of movements and possible physical contact can aggravate your situation.

If you have problems with meniscus or ligaments, high impact sports are strongly discouraged. The main reason is that you cannot predict the movement you will perform. Furthermore, there is a risk of overloading the joint with stress. In general, everything that involves sudden movements, running or jumping should be avoided. The risk of worsening the situation is very high.

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