The word physiotherapy comes from the Greek physis which means “nature” and therap√©ia which means “treatment”. Therefore, physiotherapy is defined as the treatment to treat and prevent injuries, pain and all types of pathologies that have to do with the kinetics of the body. Regarding athletes, dancers and athletes we talk about sports physiotherapy because they need a different treatment from a person who does not practice sport.

The needs of their body must adapt to the discipline they practice. This is why sports physiotherapy has developed. The physiotherapist must know anatomy and physiotherapy based on the sport practiced by the patient, in order to guarantee a good diagnosis.

Sports physiotherapy treatments

Sports physiotherapy consists of different types of specific treatments for athletes. It doesn’t matter if the athlete is injured by practicing physical activity or not, the important thing is to treat him so that he can continue to exercise without any problem.

Among the treatments, there is the application of cold and heat, stimulation of the transcutaneous nerve, ultrasound, massage, laser therapy. It is extremely important to look after all the treatment sessions established by the physiotherapist, in order to guarantee the effectiveness of the treatment.

Benefits of sports physiotherapy

Sportspeople must take care of their bodies, as they are constantly subjected to positions they are not used to. Therefore, it is important to maintain good physical health and prevent any type of injury, trauma or injury.

For optimal body care, the sportsman is advised to take care of sports physiotherapy sessions when he feels that the body needs it. Ignoring them could cause long-term injuries. Furthermore, undergoing sports physiotherapy treatments offers great benefits to the body of the sportsman, we tell you which ones.

Accelerates healing time

When performing exercises that require high muscular effort, our muscles suffer from some micro-lesions, which the body needs to repair with rest. Some sportsmen do not rest the time necessary for the muscles, which, therefore (in addition to not increasing in size) do not recover completely.

Therefore, sports physiotherapy is a great benefit, as its treatments strengthen muscles, ligaments, and tendons. It also helps muscle recovery, thus speeding up healing times.

Reduces pain

There are pains that can be treated without having to stop exercising, but there are others that need to be rested. Regardless of the case, when a disease is painful it becomes annoying day after day. Fortunately, sports physiotherapy is a great help in reducing pain quickly. All this thanks to its treatments, such as massages, electrotherapy, stretching and others.

The body is recovered correctly

Even if athletes have to constantly use various elements to avoid injuries – such as knee pads, muscle relaxants, bands – when pain is noticed it is important not to self-medicate. This could even make the situation worse. The right thing to do is to contact a professional.

With the help of a sports physiotherapist, you will have the correct diagnosis and treatment. This will allow you to see improvements not only in a short time but also in scar tissue.

Occasionally, scar tissue hurts and hinders the athlete’s performance. Sports physiotherapy helps the body to ensure proper recovery of scar tissue.

Prevents future pains

Physiotherapeutic treatments usually strengthen the muscles. This decreases the chances of suffering injuries or pains. Furthermore, the therapies act to adapt the muscle to the sport practiced by the person. In this way, they help to prevent future pathologies.

In addition to homemade remedies or exercises recommended by other people, it is important to consult a professional. The slightest mistake to take care of yourself could affect all your sports performance. Sports physiotherapy is designed with effective and useful tools for athletes.

Do not ignore disorders, inflamed muscles or any other abnormal signal in your body. Be careful of the movements you make, both in sport and outside physical activity. And, if possible, visit a physical therapist from time to time to receive treatments and to check that everything is fine. Take advantage of sports physiotherapy, your body will thank you!