Burkina Faso media guide

time:2023-06-04 12:09:56source:NBC News author:Press center2

Burkina Faso has around 150 radio and TV stations and scores of newspapers and news websites.

But many outlets are not financially sustainable and journalists are often poorly paid, says US NGO Freedom House.

Radio is the most popular medium. State broadcaster Radiodiffusion Television du Burkina (RTB) operates alongside dozens of private and community radio stations.

The BBC (99.2 FM in Ouagadougou), Voice of America and Radio France Internationale run full-time relays.

Reporters Without Borders hails the "dynamic, professional, and diverse media landscape" but says media freedom is fragile.

There were 4.5 million internet users by December 2021, 21% of the population (Internetworldstats.com)

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