Ukrainian circus boss happy with UK show

time:2023-06-09 06:27:24source:NBC News author:Press center4

A circus boss said she was pleased her Ukrainian artists are performing in the East Midlands after previous struggles to get them visas.

Circus Cortex has arrived in Bakewell, in Derbyshire, and has set up on the town's showground.

The troupe includes 15 Ukrainians who are staying in the UK on the Homes to Ukraine scheme, after leaving the country when Russia invaded last year.

The show, called Warriors, runs until Monday.

Irina Archer, Circus Cortex director, said: "We are really pleased to be performing for and entertaining Derbyshire audiences after the people here have made us so welcome.

"Last year we really struggled to get our people out of Ukraine when the war began, because the visa system collapsed, but now we have been able to get them out with permission from the government so they can continue with their careers.

"They are going through tough times with the violence back home, but performing for people in Bakewell and putting smiles on their faces is helping them a lot.

"We want to say thank you to them."

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