Woman buys and delivers ambulance to Ukraine border

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A woman has helped to buy and convert a Land Rover ambulance and deliver it to the Ukrainian border in Poland.

Alina Skuba, originally from Ukraine, now lives in Witney where she owns a wellness centre.

She and her brother's friend Yuriy Andrushchenko raised £19,500 for the 4x4 emergency vehicle, with support from her customers and local community.

Ms Skuba and her partner Dominic Boyett then drove the ambulance to the border last week before returning to the UK.

The couple drove through France, Germany and Poland, finally dropping off the vehicle at a volunteering centre near the border before it heads to the frontline just outside of Donetsk.

"It was a long journey but it was worth it," Ms Skuba said, adding: "If you can save at least one life than it's a worthwhile trip."

Last year, the 33-year-old and Mr Andrushchenko, who she helped settle in the UK after the war started, fundraised for three ambulances that have already been taken to Ukraine.

But she said converted ambulances were needed now to reach soldiers in trenches on the frontline.

Ms Skuba, whose brother is still in Ukraine. now plans to organise a charity dinner to raise funds for further support for her home country.

"If I'm not doing something I feel pretty helpless and low," she said.

Ms Skuba confirmed Mr Andrushchenko donated £16,000 of his savings to buy the ambulance.

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