Covid booster jabs offered in Devon and Cornwall

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People at risk of serious illness from Covid in Devon and Cornwall are being offered a booster jab.

NHS England said about three million people in the south west were eligible, including people aged 75 and over, some people with weakened immune systems, and older residents in care homes.

Older adults in care homes began receiving vaccines from NHS teams on 3 April.

Appointments for other eligible groups begin on 17 April.

Dr Michael Marsh, NHS South West medical director, said: "As a society we are learning to live with Covid, but it's still out there and for many it is still a virus that can cause serious illness and hospitalisation," he said

"It continues to be really important that those at greatest risk come forward and boost their protection in the coming weeks."

The NHS said people should have their first dose before 5 May to have the second before the campaign ends on 30 June.

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